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2020 Events


January 3-4: Quadrantids meteor shower
January 10: penumbral lunar eclipse


February 15: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars form a nice line in the southeast dawn sky
February 18: Occultation of Mars by the Moon at dawn


March 18: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the crescent moon in the southeast dawn sky


April 3: Venus passes through the Pleiades


May 21: Venus and Mercury 1deg apart in the dusk sky<


June 5: penumbral lunar eclipse
June 19: Crescent Moon occults Venus at dawn
June 21: solar eclipse (visible from Africa and Asia)


July 17: Launch of Mars 2020 spacecraft, arriving Feb 18, 2021


August date TBD: OSIRIS-REx to land on asteroid Bennu for a sample collecting and return
August 1: Full Moon next to Jupiter and Saturn
August 11-12: Perseid meteor shower


September 5: Moon meets Mars in the evening sky


October 6: Mars at its brightest and closest to Earth (62 million km)


December 13-14: Geminid meteor shower
December 14: total solar eclipse (visible from Chile and Argentina)
December 21: Jupiter and Saturn just 6 arc minutes apart

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Wide Angle Photography – Perseus


Shooting wide angle long exposures of the sky is always fun, because you never quite know what you will get. On an August night I decided to take a few 20 seconds exposures of the constellation Perseus hoping to catch a few open clusters.  However got surprised by the faint glow of Messier 33 (Triangulum Galaxy) in the photos. This is the furthest object that can be observed to the naked eye, located 2.7 million light years away, and part of the Local Group which includes Andromeda and our Milky Way.

Constellations Perseus and Triangulum (Benoit Guertin)

Constellations Perseus and Triangulum (Benoit Guertin) – CLICK FOR FULL SCREEN

4 x 20 seconds
ISO 6400
17mm F4.0
Canon 80D
August 30, 2019

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