Time Lapse Video of Lunar Eclipse


Stitched together the 330 photos of the September 27th Lunar Eclipse into a video.

A few things to note.  The Moon “jumps” a few times in the video, and I now realize that it’s due to my presence on the wooden deck is sufficient to cause the telescope to shift ever slightly.  Also I didn’t really take time for proper polar alignment, I was a good 5deg off and had to re-align during the total eclipse because the tracking was not perfect.  And last, some cloud cover rolled in so I wasn’t able to capture the tail end of the eclipse.

Nevertheless, still much better than the few frames I captured back in 2008.

For the curious of the camera setting.  The start with the full moon is taken at ISO 200 1/320sec and then increased up to 3.2sec exposures at ISO 400 during the eclipse.

September 27th 2015 – Lunar Eclipse


Transferring over 300 photos (2.5GB) from the old astro-laptop via USB key to my main PC will take some time (30 minutes just to transfer 1.0GB on the key).  Therefore the work towards making a time lapse video will be tomorrow.

In the meantime here is one quick pick from the lot of photos taken with the Canon mounted on the telescope.  Did a quick stretch and level adjustment, just so I’d have something to show before going to bed.

September 27th 2015 Lunar Eclipse

September 27th 2015 Lunar Eclipse

Earth’s Shadow is Creeping Over the Moon


Getting down to a crescent as Earth’s shadow creeps over the Moon.


Down to a crescent

Lunar Eclipse has Started


The trusty Skywatcher 80ED is on my Vixen GP mount and have the camera taking one frame every 20 secondes.

I’ll have to adjust the exposure as totality approaches. Below is a view off the computer screen.


Left edge already in the shadow


Missing the April 4th lunar eclipse?  No problem, NASA has posted on YouTube the entire event, all 45 minutes.