Christmas 2015 Full Moon


After sneaking the kids’ gifts under the tree while they were sound asleep, I decided to see if the Christmas 2015 Full Moon was visible.

A thin cloud lightly obscured the view, and I wasn`t sure if the early morning sky would yield any better weather.  A few quick shots at 17 and 85mm on the Canon EFS lens to record the event as the next Christmas full Moon will be in roughly 30 years.

Christmas Full Moon of 2015


If you get up early on Christmas morning, don’t open your presents, or shake that box right away.  Head towards the window and glance west at the sky.  There over the horizon you’ll see the last full Moon of 2015.

The last time that full Moon happened on December 25th was 1977.  Disco was all the rage and “Saturday Night Fever” starring John Travolta, premiered in NYC.  So yeah, a long time ago…

I’m guessing with the full Moon to light the way, Rudolf might get a bit of a rest this year. 🙂