Updated how to process RAW Moon photos

When I initially wrote the article on dealing with Canon RAW files in Registax, I mentioned to resize the image when converting to 16-bit .TIF format.  However that is not ideal if you want to keep your target object the same size. Playing around with the Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 software I found out that it’s possible to apply the same cropping parameters to each photo, and when batch processed, they get all cropped. Therefore I’ve updated the article to now include the steps to crop instead of resizing to have images small enough for Registax to process it while retaining the original photo resolution.

Creating GIF Animation with Lunar Eclipse Photos

Eclipses happen in a relatively short time span and the change can be dramatic, therefore they are great candidate for GIF animations.  Below is a sequence of 24 individual photos taken with a Skywatcher 80ED telescope and Canon XTi camera from the February 2008 Lunar Eclipse.

Feb 2008 Lunar Eclipse - Benoit Guertin

Feb 2008 Lunar Eclipse – Benoit Guertin

To create the GIF animation I used two software packages:

  1. Registax – astro-imaging processing software used to align the individual images in order to ensure the Moon remains centered.
  2. GIMP – image processing software used to create the GIF animation

In GIMP, GIF animation is done by assigning individual images to a layer.  The animation is therefore build frame-by-frame as it cycles through the layers.  A simple animation tutorial is available to step you through the process.

On the other hand, if you prefer to make a movie, Picasa is capable of creating a video from a series of photos.