New Years Eve Aurora Borealis

After the Christmas Full Moon, our beloved Sun has unleashed a CME (coronal mass ejection) towards Earth on December 28th, and those charged particles are predicted to reach us on the 31st (NOAA predicts G3-Strong Geomagnetic Storm).  Below is the snap-shot of the past and forecasted geomagnetic activity from Natural Resources Canada as provided at 9:22pm EST.

Geomagnetic Activity Review and Forecast 31Dec2015

Geomagnetic Activity Review and Forecast 31Dec2015 –

Based on their prediction model the peak of the activity will happen the night of 30th to 31st.  Therefore if you live outside of the city and in northern latitudes (north of 50 degrees latitude) you may be surprised by a wonderful light show tonight and tomorrow. Because Earth magnetic field is “springy” it will “ring” for some time and auroras should be present until New Year’s Eve.

Other effects that you may notice is larger GPS errors or longer time to get a “lock”.  Mobile phones won’t be affected by this type of storm.  You need a snow storm to affect your mobile phone signal.  Snow flakes are just the right size and their density in the sky to scatter the signals in the frequency range used by mobile phones.

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